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Lollytout believes we deserve more.
More femininity. More sophistication. More presence and more color.


For that reason “Lollytout” has brought together leading experts from the footwear, arts, and color industries. Together they provide the perfect product Lollytout – Limited edition Hand painted shoes

We don’t import and don’t have an assembly line.

Each shoe is individually painted by hand and goes through several accurate processes until the moment it is sent to the specific client for whom it was created.

Our team of designers works around the clock to bring you new and original designs.

Each design is offered for sale in a limited edition of up to 50 units worldwide.

Because each shoe is hand brush painted by one of Lollytout artists we can’t really create two identical pairs.
And we don’t really want to…

It’s much more fun to create a unique piece that is one-of-a-kind, just like each and every one of us.

We have to admit…
After all the time and attention we invest in creating these amazing shoes, we find it difficult to send them off to their new home. This is an occupational hazard that caught us by surprise.



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