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Mighty Blondie

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Light blue hand painted high heel shoes for women - "Mighty Blondie" comics shoes in limited edition

Don’t you have those days that you just want to break everything in sight?

Well in this comic design our Mighty Blondie is experiencing the same feeling…

The only difference between her and you is that she is a 100 meters tall!!

On the 7.5cm heel you won’t be as tall as Blondie so we don’t recommend climbing

skyscrapers and grabbing annoying planes.

Destruction days are  your own responsibility!

Just like in a comic book,  there is a story line which runs through  both shoes – that’s why the story begins on one shoe and ends on the other.

These shoes are SO F***ING COOL – they work with everything – however… wearing these you will have to get used to the fact that people stare at your shoes!


Availability: In stock.

Synthetic uppers / wooden sole

Size: from 36 to 41

7.5cm. Heel

Designed by Ofri Frastai / hand painted 2014
Permanent paint
Holds up against rain, water, and can be washed to clean